Airsmithing & other stuff.

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Airsmithing, Custom guns & Repairs
Scared of doing a certain mod, want a gun conversion done or broke gun, electric or not. Look no farther.


I am offering to fix any connection that has broken in any electric object related to paintball. This includes E-frames, hoppers, or anything else. All the connections I fix are soldered & heat shrinked to offer the most protection from the world.

$15, which included return shipping, I will fix any broken connection on you marker, hopper or anything else. Addition parts, not in house, will cost extra & I will contact you about it.

If there as any questions about mods or problems you are afraid to do or want to know about feel free to Contact me.

Custom Conversion

Sick of the normal looking gun? Want to be the first on the block with this or that?

Spyder-Timmy conversion, Blow-back to pump conversion, Auto cocking blow-backs and just about anything you can think of.

There are so many things that I can do its very hard to list. Best way to know if I can do something is to Contact me. It is also hard to give a universal price for a conversion b/c of the choice of parts; used, new or custom made.


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