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Classifieds Page

\/ Wanting to buy \/

#1 Black Spyder TL+ body

#2 Kingman EM1

#3 Misc. Cocker pneumatics

#4 Cocker front block(s)

#5 Black Spyder Va

#6 Spyder Xtra body & va

\/ Getting rid of \/

#1 Used, working Epson Stylus Color Printer 200 Works, just pluged it in. Ink things are 3/4 - 2/3 full. $25 obo

#2 New, never used SEC Educational Software. NO DEMO, Full Version. Great for a little borther or sister or some younger child. $5 obo

#3 *All Never used* 2 MSN, 2 months free cds & 1 Earthlink, Half-price for 6 months & 1 Earthlink, 1000 hours free cd. $5 shipped(to cover small package & shipping)

#4 Misc. car phone parts. i know of one whole kit, battery cables to speaker. When ever i get a chance or when someone want some of it will invatory it all. $__ shipped

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