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Legal Statement & Shipping Info



Any content on this site or sites linked or other is for informative purposes only. How you use this information, is up to you. If you screw up your gun, yourself or hurt your pet, nobody is liable for the damage except yourself. Before you start to do anything i suggest you learn how to do it.


When anything is being shipped to or from me I suggest you pay the extra few dollars for insurance and delivery conformation on the product. I will not ship anything with these unless specifically asked to. If anything is damaged and/or lost in the mail it is none of my responsibility and should be dealt with by you the consumer. I keep all of my shipment receipts, and run an honest business. I also keep all personal info, it will never be sold or given away. I very strongly suggest that you do not send cash as there are many dishonest people in this world. If the money does not make it to me, there is no way to replace it or refund it. Any time a buyer wishes to pay through PayPal a charge of 5% will be added to the bill. I am not responsible for any delay of shipping. Shipping is completely out of my control. I ship through the United States Post office. Why you may ask? It's because the nearest UPS/FedEx place is 30+ miles away.

Warantee Information

All items that are sold on this site have a one(1) month warantee. If parts are found to be defective they will be replaced if no physical modifications are found. Parts also carry a two(2) month warantee which if parts become messed up they will be fixed for a small fee. Remember, any and all physical modifications will void ALL factory warantees.

What to do when ready to order

Email me with your order, include your name, address, an online screen name(if you have one) and a subtotal. I will resond within a few days. Usally the same day unless I'm out of town. I will email you back within the week with a the total payment needed. As soon as I get your payment I will ship your order out. If any thing comes up I will email you & tell you what is going on.


Postal Money Orders, Money Orders, Cashiers Check. PayPal is acceptable but has a 5% charge.(Right now I DO NOT take paypal.)


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