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The News

August 13, 2003~~ Been a long time since Ive done any work here. The reason is i was...& still am gone til this weekend...is b/c im on vacation!! I have found two (2) machine shops that look very good & looking into them this week so maybe i can have a few things made in the future, I hope short future. Starting work on a new links page but i still have all the old links up there. Updated my project guns again.

Added some updats to the Custom Part & Product pages.

July 31, 2003~~ Updated my project guns page & fixed a typo that has been very popular. If i have time later today or the 1st i will put up the RTR mode for E-frames. Well, the real EM1 Owners Group site is starting to take shape I will be shortly taking theone off my site. Im getting very pissed that i cant find a machine shop that im thinking about getting a small lathe & some stock to make the valves & bolts. Added a new page, Airsmithing, Custom Conversion & Repair.

It basicly goes over the repairs & conversion plus other things I can do. Finally got the Reactive trigger response mod up since all the folks bugging me about it.

July 24, 2003~~ Got my new ESP frame in for The Bitch, did some work on the EM1 Owners site, about 95% finished with RTR & will post it later tonight b/c folks are asking for it.

July 17, 2003~~ Added a new flavor to the Kool-Aid page.

July 15, 2003~~ Added another Non-Paintball page. Kool-ad flavors that i have mixed. As time goes on i hope to have mixed ever flavor out there.

July 8, 2003~~ Since it may be a while til the real EM1 Owners site maybe a while til its up Im gonna host it here.

July 5, 2003~~ Just added a non-paintball project.

June 28, 2003~~ Redid My Guns page. Have a few stock parts for EM1s comming & Im gonna design a new valve, ACB & tray. All of which I hope to have made & tested & one day into full production. Got around to updating the store & custom parts pages. I would like to add Im a mod at the EM1 owners forum & will be helping on the new EM1 owners site!

June 27, 2003~~ Thanks to vantrepes for some small info on the Anti-Chop Bolts.

June 19, 2003~~Updated the news on The Slut on SZ & updated my sales page.

June 17, 2003~~Got it & installed on the 16th. Hope to have some Co2, paint & air some time soon. I will post results along with a stock valve & modded valve.

June 16, 2003~~ Finally, after countless hours or pasteing, typing & cussing I've got her done. There are a few bugs here & there but I will get them as time goes on. Im gonna get my 2 E-frame mods & another done soon since i have nothing better to do when everyone is asleep. The valve for The Bitch will be here this week. Along with a few parts for The Slut.

June 12-15, 2003~~ Been updateing the site with a new look if you haven't noticed yet.

June 10, 2003~~ Updated my project guns. Also my site's 1 year Anniversary is comming up & Im thinking about giving something away or real cheap. who knows?!?!

June 8, 2003~~ My first prototype valve should be here later this week or early next week. Also, I will have a non-blowback version sometime this summer for "The Slut" to test. I am thinking about adding the non-blowback version for Spockers (Spyder/cocker) or other project that doesnt need any blowback to my list of products. Same features of the normal valve, high flow & easly adjustable.

June 7, 2003~~ Added a Classifieds Page early this morning. Canadians, want to buy in USA but shipping is out the ass? Look here!! Also updated my guns a little.

May 31, 2003~~ Updated the VLM section. Revised my project guns.

May 29, 2003~~ Finished my Walnut grips the other day & just got a picture up. Look at the products page.

May 15, 2003~~ Did a little updating to the site. Put my bolt, valve & striker on one page with link, if they have any. Also, my updates for my pump Spyder will be on Spyderzone's forum under the "Spyder Hybrids" section. You can check out my project guns page for the link. Plus, my project guns can be found under the "Tech Section".

May 14, 2003~~ Well great news, my valve is going made with only a few changes to my own plans. Dont know what the price will be if they go into final production. Already lined up a few folks for testing in different parts of North America. Also my striker plans are at the machine shop & I dont have a price quote or idea when it will be ready. I will also have a striker/valve page up soon.

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