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VLM Master Archive

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The VLM Thread at PBNation.com

Post from PBN made by Chappy78, the one who made the VLMs

"I haven't been on here in forever. And I don't know how someone found me to ask about the AKA VLM/Viking prototypes, but I am about as inside as you can get on some of these VLMs on here cause I built them, "

"I built the milled green one that has been passed around like a drunk chick at a Frat party, I think the red one that has been metioned that was sold on ebay is one of my babies to. I also have a milled gloss black one out there somewhere, and my first born, was the most beautiful, Spiral milled and had a purple fade anodizing, All were milled and anoded from AKA. All had matching, sidewinders, all had cocker vert feed tubes and chrome cocker vert adapters. All AKA internals (obviously) but I had to litteraly piece them together from spyder parts kits for the old style with the large strikers. And yes there is a special O-ring for the big stryker for whoever had the re-cock problem. Problem is, they're only found in spyder o-ring kits for the old generations. If you find em, keep em. All had Centerflag's Hyper frame, which worked really well. "

"Also, the one mentioned early in this thread that AKA had on display had a flat bottom and an inferno frame, only difference. I gave them that frame. Because we were sponsored by Centerflag as well. None of this would have even started if I hadn't called AKA and told them I could put electronis trigger frames on all their bodies and our team would use them exclusively and with CF's hyperflo air system. They made a pretty good combo. I know AKA had the bodies for people to mill and ano as they saw fit, but these were literally the first "idea" for the Viking prototype. They were literally considering, a modified Spyder/cocker body kit to be combined with an electronic frame. The cocker stuff being the detent, vert adapter, and feed tube. And what happened to the matching green sidewinder was that these were the old ones with the poorly designed core and it blew apart but they anodized the two halves together and they wouldn't unscrew to replace the core with the revamped design. "

"I even still have replacement parts for the Hyper frame to fix them. My purple one ended up in San Francisco. I would really like pics. I have pics of the red one and the green one I'll try to scan on here. I have action shots with me playing with the purple one but it is hard to see. Any questions, just ask."

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