Welcome to my site. Still has that new site smell.

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New look. New smell!
That's right, she has a new look! Wonder why? It's because she one year old, on June 20th. I plan on redoing the entire site.


VLM Master Archive:
A collection of found VLMs. These bodies were made by AKA & in the past year or so have become very rare & sought after by hardcore Spyder lovers.
Technical Section:
Paint & barrel size charts. Modifications to E-frames, which are the first on the net & more.
Custom Parts:
Parts I've had made or plan on making that will greatly improve your guns preformance!
The Photo Gallery:
Info & photos on my guns along with other photos of mods & projects.(Will be up soon)
Non Paintball Stuff:
A collection of photos on stuff not related to paintball.
EM1 Owners Site:
The temp. EM1 Owners site. New one is comming together!!

[Home][VLM Archive][Technical Section][Custom Parts][Non-Paintball Section]

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