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Paintball Products
That's right, my site aint a bunch of information stuff, I sale products that will improve you marker greatly over stock.


Stainless Steel Screw kits for EM1s. 2 Feed neck screws, 4 Tray screws, 2 On-Off switch screws & 4 grip panel screws. All are stock replacements & wont hurt to have a few extras. All are 316 or 18-8 Stainless Steel.

Taking pre-orders now!

each kit $8.00 ~ shipped

Status ~ Ordering soon

Custom Rebuilt Micro Swtichs for E-frames. Will work in Kingman, Mako & M3 frames. Also in EM1, Angel(not IR3), Bushy & Martix frames. They are rebuilt to tight specs & the distance of travel is ~.0156 They come pre-soldered with wire & connectors. Plus a manual. You can also order a lever or lever w/ a roller. The lever & roller lever will require more tuneing than a plain switch.

each $10.00 ~ shipped (you install)

each $15.00 ~ Switch, installing & return shipping

Status ~ In stock

Flow King Valve for Spyders/clones. An EM1 version will follow soon also. I will have a prototype soon & will post the results.

each $ (not 100% sure on price as of now)

Flow King Drawing

Status ~ Prototype stage

Replacement Noids & Gaskets for EM1s. Got a leaky gasket or a blown noid? Or just want to be on the safe side? Cant afford the $250 noid from Kingman..well this is a direct replacement!

Taking pre-orders now!

each noid & gasket set $50.00 ~ shipped

Status ~ Ordering soon

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