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Found VLMs Page 2

GrimStone's VLM

djacob372's VLM

According to a source at AKA this is one of six pre-milled and anoed markers given out to aka sponsered teams. There were about 25 others sold with either black or no anodizing at all. I'm fairly certian the team this marker was initally given to was the E'ville Knights. As they received markers identical to this one, and are located in the same area as the seller I purchased it from.

AKA Red factory anoed/milled VLM body

AKA Sidewinder reg anoed to match

AKA mitemax lp chamber

AKA lighting bolt

AKA tornado valve

AKA nikel rear cocking

Chrome cocker vert adapter

SS spring guide

TL velocity adjuster

Mako storm e-frame

Lapco drop forward

CMI-R2000 primary regulator (if using co2)

Lapco autospirit 12" barrel, cocker threads (small bore)

Lapco bigshot 12" barrel, cocker threads (medium bore)

SP AA 12" barrel, cocker threads (large bore)

290fps at 290psi

Armax's 1st VLM

AKA VLM Body (new picture comming soon)

- Dye double trigger frame

- AKA Mitey max LPC

- Javelin 12" barrel

- AKA tornado valve

- AKA lightning bolt

- Fireballmountain 15* ASA

- WGP Regulator

- AKA cocking assembly

- 32* velocity adjuster

- 32* spring kit

- Kapp Angel Feed

- Black dye stickies

- Lapco adjustable drop forward

- NWpaintball Air system quick disconnect

- Kingman bottomline regulator

- 16oz anti-siphon CO2 tank with on/off

Armax's 2nd VLM

AKA VLM Spyder Body

This body sold for $147.50 at G3pb.com.

The ultimate Spyder Upgrade Body. Will be available in Regular (shown) or Mini version. Uses Spyder internals and with the exception of the Volumizer threads, it uses all American standard threads. Uses F4 Style Wire Ball Nubbins, Cocker vertical adapters and Cocker Barrels,and uses any Angel Vertical Feed. Plenty of meat for custom milling. Very limited production...


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