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Last updated: 6/27/2003

Got a pm at PBN today informing me that AGD did NOT have the first Anti-Chop Bolt. More info below.

Not much new other than I'm getting into the market for EM1 parts. The machine shop has been really busy so its going to take a little longer than I thought.

Finally got to the local machine shop today. i should have an idea on the price Friday or Monday.

Added a Donate button so people can donate to my Anti-Chop Bolt.

Finally got around to working some bugs out. Got some new drawings, put them on their own page here.

Well, still not much happening w/ my bolts. I do have another bolt in the planing stage, its a normal bolt. I am looking into CNC lathes so I maybe making some this summer but not clear at the moment. Also look for some new & better drawing and/or a 3D drawing or Gif animation of the bolt.

Well, not much has been going on with the bolts. I plan on going to a local shop & seeing if they can make them along with a few other things. If not, I will have to buy my own tools, which I'm really thinking about, and make them myself.

Other Anti-Chop Bolts

Boston Paintball Products actually made one for the Reflex Cocker (a cocker with a pneumatic R/T system) right around 98-99. The newer Jam Bolts are just a copy of the BPS bolt of old.

Thanks to vantrepes from PBN for informing me of this small mistake. He said he has one & will dig it out & get some pictures of it...Thanks man.

Here is the Level 10 Bolt from Airgun Design.

This is the ACB made by BR MACHINE CO. Its an Anti-chop Bolt for Spyders.

get this gear!

Give me you feedback on my bolt

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